Guidelines and Reservation Procedures

OCA Mocha’s mission is to create a shared space and experience that fosters ongoing engagement between UMBC and its surrounding communities. Consistent with that mission, UMBC and community groups may reserve the OCA Mocha community meeting room for meetings and other events. We encourage groups to look for opportunities to think outside the box and collaborate on events that will enrich our community.

The community meeting room is open to groups such as:

  • Community interest groups;

  • UMBC undergraduate and graduate student organizations;

  • Non-profit organizations;

  • UMBC faculty and staff organizations;

  • Local, state, and federal government departments and agencies;

  • UMBC academic and administrative departments;

  • Local public, private, and religious schools and homeschool organizations, including parent-teacher organizations and student, faculty, or staff organizations; and

  • For-profit businesses and organizations.

When the community meeting room is not reserved, OCA Mocha patrons may use it for overflow coffee shop seating and/or as study space. Alcoholic beverages, smoking (including vaping), and illegal activity are prohibited.

Space Overview

The OCA Mocha community meeting room is free to reserve with limited exceptions; please see the “Reservation Timelines and Procedures” section below for more information. The room may be reserved as follows:

  • Monday-Friday — 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

  • Saturday — 8 a.m.- 9 p.m.

  • Sunday — 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

All events must conclude at least one hour prior to closing.

The community meeting room seats up to 48 people and includes a white board, free WiFi, and a projector and screen. The standard room set-up includes six round tables with seating for eight at each table. With an advance request, the room can be reconfigured into lecture-style seating for up to 48 people. Easels are available upon request. Groups must provide their own laptop or other means of connecting to the free WiFi, as well as dry erase markers and erasers for the white board.

In keeping with OCA Mocha’s goal to be “where coffee meets community,” patrons are permitted to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into the meeting room. All beverages must be purchased from the OCA Mocha coffee shop; outside beverages, including alcoholic beverages, are not permitted. Please contact us at for more information on catering options.

Community Meeting Room Responsibilities and Expectations

In order to foster productive and respectful relationships among community members, 

Groups reserving the OCA Mocha community meeting room are asked to:

  • Start and end events on time.

  • Be respectful of events taking place elsewhere in OCA Mocha while entering and exiting.

  • Refrain from moving furniture or other equipment without first speaking to the manager on duty.

  • Refrain from hanging items on the walls without prior permission or permission from the manager on duty; nails, tacks, hooks, screws, or other items that would damage the walls are not permitted.

  • Contact the manager on duty to help with AV or other equipment challenges.

  • Clean up and dispose of all trash and recycling in the appropriate receptacles.

  • Alert the manager on duty to spills or other mishaps as soon as possible.

  • Leave the room in the condition you found it.

Patrons using the community meeting room as overflow coffee shop seating are asked to:

  • Review the posted schedule or check with the manager on duty before entering the room to confirm availability.

  • Exit the room at least fifteen minutes prior to the next scheduled event or when asked by the manager on duty.

  • Be respectful of events taking place elsewhere in OCA Mocha while entering and exiting.

  • Clean up and dispose of all trash and recycling in the appropriate receptacles.

  • Alert the manager on duty to spills or other mishaps as soon as possible.

  • Leave the room in the condition you found it.

OCA Mocha reserves the right to cancel existing reservations for, and to refuse future reservations to, groups that do not adhere to these responsibilities and expectations.

Reservation Timelines and Procedures

Groups may request reservations up to 364 days in advance of the desired date, but no later than three business days in advance of the desired date.

Procedures for Community Groups

Community groups wishing to reserve the community meeting room should complete and submit the Community Meeting Room Reservation Request form on the OCA Mocha website ( OCA Mocha staff will contact you to follow-up on your request.

For-profit businesses or groups wishing to reserve the community meeting room for a for-profit event should contact Kayla Childress, UMBC Event and Conference Services, at or (410) 455-3615 to inquire about availability and pricing. 

Procedures for UMBC Groups

UMBC groups will use the established procedures for requesting on-campus meeting spaces via the 25Live system and should contact Event and Conference Services ( for assistance or with questions.

Reservation Changes / Cancellations

If you need to change or cancel a reservation, please contact as soon as possible, but no later than two business days prior to your event.

In the event of inclement weather, please check the UMBC website ( for operating conditions. In general, if UMBC is operating under a delayed opening, an early closing, or is closed due to inclement weather, the OCA Mocha community meeting room will follow UMBC’s operating status. If your reservation is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather, OCA Mocha staff will e-mail the point of contact listed on the group’s reservation form to provide information on operating status and to reschedule your event if necessary.

Guidelines for Use of OCA Mocha and/or UMBC Logo in Marketing Materials

OCA Mocha and/or UMBC reserve the right to review and approve, in advance, all forms of advertising or publicity that bears the OCA Mocha and/or UMBC name or mark. Groups will not in any way imply a partnership with, or cosponsorship by, OCA Mocha and/or UMBC of any event(s) without the express written permission of OCA Mocha and/or UMBC. Posting of all materials at OCA Mocha must be approved in advance by OCA Mocha management. Posting of materials on the UMBC campus must be approved in advance by UMBC Event and Conference Services. All posted materials must comply with the UMBC Posting Policy. Posting in the community must comply with all applicable local regulations. All posted materials must be removed no later than 24 hours following the event(s).